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Thursday, 26 March 2009
First Time For Everything
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Ok so the title is a lie since this isn't my first blog post, but it is the first on this site. I figured it would be good to have at least one dang post ont his site to make it worth holding onto. I think I am registered in one too many places most of which I will never use but hey its nice to have it as an option at the least. I would love it if I wasn't so damned lazy and posted blogs all day instead of tweets or just sharing links but I am like I said too dang lazy. I sorta like the layout of this blog/website manager but having said that its rather lacking in the simplicity department. Its nice having one that alolows for almost anything which is drastically different from Livespaces but I do tend to prefer simplicity over complexity when its a matter of time and substance. I am done I think for now and my real blogs are hosted elswhere upon the web and primaarily on social networking sites or sites that provide for easy sharing mechanisms. Peace out homeslices.

Posted by josephrasch at 6:30 AM EDT
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